Stafer was born in 1960 as a company specialized in iron accessories printing for wooden rolling shutter.


Founded in Faenza

Stafer was born in 1960 as a company specialized in iron accessories printing for wooden rolling shutter.


Octagonal tube in galvanized iron production

In 1970 the company start to produce the octagonal tube in galvanized iron as an alternative to the wooden tube, buying a roll forming machine. Stafer is one of the first company in the world who realized this product.  The expansion of the business in ‘70s allow to produce thousand of new products still available in the updated catalogue. These products allow Stafer to be appreciated all around the world for its quality.


New machinery and products quality improvement

In ‘80s and ‘90s the company grow investing in new machinery and in the products quality improvement, considering the customer satisfaction as the primary target.


Stafer funds MOVER

In order to enrich its catalogue with motors for rolling shitter and sun-tent, Stafer funds Mover in 2003, previously located in Dolo (Venice), today included in Stafer’s buiding in Faenza.


New solutions and bio sustainability

Since many years the company invest resources in R&D to develop new solutions regarding the rolling shutter and sun-tent moving system. This activity pushed Stafer to create a professional trials room, dedicated to the cooperation with the field of buildings design and construction. Today Stafer is strictly oriented to the bio sustainability, looking for new solutions dedicated to the energy save and to the home energetic certification..

Our products have always been the exclusive result of the encounter between the culture of our territory and the people who bring it to life.
Over more than 60 years of history, we have never lost sight of our identity and of the pursuit of that authentic quality which the “Made in Italy” offers and guarantees. 

These intentions urge us to work with our stakeholders every day, involving them in our innovative processes. Constant investments in the improvement of internal dynamics, in the use of new technologies, of new media and in the development of human resources enable our organization to adapt to the external changes and to offer a service which is personalized to the needs of our customers.

This is why our design engineering, our technical assistance, our quality control, the width of our product range and our experience in the various international markets add value to our products.

Our products

Over 3000 produced accessories offer our customers the ability to personalize the installation and the operation of all the types of rolling shutters. Strap coilers, hand crank gears, steel-wire winches, steel tubes, aluminium guide rails and boxes and other mechanical accessories, along with tubular motors and controls, entirely produced in our factory in Italy with full respect for the environment and for the people, are a range of reference for the sector and have allowed Stafer to establish itself as the Italian excellence worldwide.

Our quality

Each and every product, from the smallest to the largest one, is designed and manufactured by Stafer with the same care and attention that have distinguished it for over 60 years. A manufacturing process able to combine handcrafted tradition with the latest technologies allows Stafer to give its products a high quality standard. Only through a careful selection of the raw materials and components, entirely found by Stafer in Italy, are we able to tell the story of a territory and culture is produced.

Our service

Stafer protects the purchases of its customers by offering them a warranty covering its entire range of products and follows their requests, starting from the design phase up to providing a professional technical support during the phases of installation and aftersales service. Composed of competent and highly qualified experts, our technical assistance is able to provide Stafer customers the maximum of promptness and reliability..


Feeling ourselves part of a community and a territory, we want to operate and work aware of the social and environmental effects that our actions can generate.

For this purpose, our sustainable thinking drives us every day to act with a special attention to the environmental context around us, knowing that true development can only be achieved by operating with a conduct which is ethically oriented to the respect and well-being of our society and the global ecosystem.


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